An Ice Show as seen from a hockey player’s eyes



Months before May 5th, the prepping for the ice show that Fox Valley Ice Arena would hold, began. I had no idea what lay ahead of me and my coworkers…

I grew up in an ice hockey focused family. Since I was a young girl I was more than comfortable with the frigid temperatures of ice rinks, the long hours spent at frozen ponds, the many layers necessary to enjoy the circumstances, and the game of hockey itself. My mother’s side of the family all immigrated to the states from Hungary, a small country located in Eastern Europe, and ice hockey and football (our soccer) runs thick through their Hungarian veins. I learned that a hardened exterior was expected from all of my male role models (many male cousins and two younger brothers, no female cousins might I add), anything hockey related was not only the perfect gift but it dominated all family functions, and anything sparkly and girly would get me no family recognition. At least the recognition that I strived for.

My mom grew up as a figure skater, and I have been told that she tried to put figure skates on my tiny feet as a child, but I refused, and continued to ask for hockey skates. I only had a few run in’s with figure skaters growing up while playing triple AAA hockey, but with my competitive and stubborn personality I never gave the sport a chance…until I was rather forced to when I began working at Fox Valley in January 2015.

After being told a broad overview of what we needed to do in regards to prepping for this monstrosity of an event, the Spring Ice Show, my feelings were rather mixed. I grew up not wanting to know anything about figure skating, which prepped me well for my current occupation as an Office Manager, that deals with everything that goes on in an ice arena, which of course includes figure skating. After being asked by our skating director if I would like to help out with the hockey portion of the ice show did my feelings for the event begin to change, as well as my perspective.

I remember seeing fliers and posters for ice shows at ice rinks I was at for hockey practices and games, but I never once attended one, nor knew what goes into an ice show. Needless to say I was blown away.

Each number played into the bigger picture of the show, which was a ‘Calendar on Ice’, and the costumes! The costumes were beyond adorable, and so very clever. I cannot help but admit that this old hockey player is quite envious of the beautiful dresses figure skaters get to prance around in.

The hockey portion was FANTASTIC! I had no idea that hockey players could be involved in an ice show, who would’ve thought? We will be having another hockey number in this year’s ice show, ‘Decades on Blades’, and we will be skating to Chelsea Dagger. All the kids get to wear their hockey equipment, their favorite Blackhawks jersey (as I know most have 5 to choose from), and practice their hockey moves out on the ice in front of hundreds of people. It was a great weekend last year, and all the kids still approach me in the rink and ask if we are doing another hockey group in the ice show (these are 6 year olds I am referring to!). I think all they hockey guys and girls favorite part of each performance was when they got to skate down the full length of the NHL rink for a shoot out, shoot the puck, SCORE, and go get a high five from all the spectators sitting in the first row. The smiles on their faces I will never forget.


We still have room in our hockey number for this year’s ice show, please register and join in on the fun! The ice show will be from May 27-29, and our hockey group will have 5 different times where we are on the ice rehearsing for the show; extra practice time for the kids at such a cheap price! If you have any questions, feel free to email Brittany at   You can register for the ice show on our website using the link below

Register HERE



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