Vince Vaughn interviews Mr. Serious

Thursday, 06.11.2015 / 1:23 PM CT

By Leah Pascarella – / The Blackhawks Blog
Found on the Chicago Blackhawks website.

Jonathan Toews had a special interview after practice earlier this week, as actor Vince Vaughn stopped by the United Center to ask Captain Serious some not-so-serious questions.

From celebrating his 2010 Olympic gold medal in a crammed room to what goes through his head during the national anthem, Toews gave Vaughn the inside scoop on life as the captain. Vaughn and Toews also debated if the electrifying atmosphere of the United Center is comparable to a rock concert, and Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello made a special appearance to give his expertise.

Toews had the opportunity to ask Vaughn a few questions, including his most memorable moment as a fan and what’s it like to be funny. Sounds like No. 19 might be looking for some tips!“>Vaughn’s Interview

Click here to see Bonus Content from the interview.


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