August Public Skate and Rat Hockey times!

Please, always check our website for the most updated times!

Rat hockey: $10 per person, ages 18 and above, full equipment required.

Public Skate: ages 5 and under are FREE! Ages 12 and under are $7, 12 and over are $8. Skate rental is $4.  

Blackhawks plans for a new Community Center downtown Chicago

Blackhawks announce plans for Community Training CenterTaken from Chicago Blackhawks website

Thursday, 07.30.2015 / 2:30 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks announced today that the organization will build a 125,000-square-foot community training center for youth hockey development programs, recreational leagues and other events, which will also serve as the practice facility for the Blackhawks and visiting National Hockey League teams.

The state-of-the-art facility will be located two blocks south of the United Center on a 4-acre site currently housing Malcolm X College, which is expected to move into its own new building north of Jackson Boulevard in January 2016. The privately funded project will cost approximately $50 million and is being designed to contain two NHL regulation-size ice rinks, spectator seating and a dedicated oasis parking lot to serve facility guests and buses (renderings attached). In total, approximately 94 percent of the proposed facility’s utilization will serve the surrounding community, including young adult, youth and community programs that may not have the means to play otherwise.

“Hockey’s future is dictated by the ability of kids to get on the ice,” Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz said. “For those in urban areas like Chicago, that’s an incredible challenge. We want to provide our community the opportunity to learn how to skate and help them develop a love and passion for the sport that has brought so much joy to Chicago and the region these past few years.”
HOK and McHugh Construction are working to finalize the design and engineering of the ice rink. Since opening in 1994, the United Center–a join initiative owned by the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls–has invested over $180 million in construction costs for the stadium and over $100 million in area improvements.

The facility will offer special programs dedicated to serving youth in partnership with the Chicago Park District, open-skate ice times and community events, including hockey and figure skate rentals, ice rentals for adult and youth recreation leagues and local, national, international, collegiate and amateur tournament play.
Per USA Hockey, Illinois ranked fifth in the nation with 30,553 registered hockey players during the 2014-15 season, marking a 37.5 percent increase in membership since the 2007-08 season, which is the second-largest percent increase among USA Hockey regional affiliates. Since 2007-08, Illinois saw the largest total increase in participants among USA Hockey regional affiliates with 8,331 new members. The Blackhawks currently have partnerships with 56 hockey rinks in Illinois, but only four exist within the city of Chicago.

“The addition of a Blackhawks training and community facility is another step in the progress and advancement of our franchise as we continue to strive for consistent excellence both on and off the ice,” said Blackhawks President & CEO John McDonough.
“Soon Malcolm X will get a new 21st century campus to complement the 21st century education they provide and a site that used to serve one of Chicago’s community colleges will soon serve as a community anchor, bringing even more economic opportunity to the Near North Side,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This plan creates a permanent home for the Blackhawks to train in Chicago and allows Rush University Medical Center, which has already been a great partner with Malcolm X, to expand it campus and further support the people who live and work in this neighborhood.”

Chicago Blackhawks Charities (CBC) will oversee year-round youth programs and clinics at the training center, ensuring the project’s community benefits extend to those who would otherwise be unable to cover the costs of ice time, equipment and transportation. CBC pledges to support programs and institutions throughout Illinois that focus on health and wellness, education and housing, while striving to serve local citizens and impact the lives of youth and their families in and around the city of Chicago. Since its inception in October 1993, Chicago Blackhawks Charities has contributed over $14 million to local non-profit organizations, including over $2 million over the past year to 28 community organizations that focus on health and wellness, education and housing.
“Any kid that wants to ‘Be Like Mike’ can go down the street and shoot hoops,” Wirtz said. “It’s a little tougher if a kid wants to be the next Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews. We’re thrilled to make this investment in our community and give more kids the opportunity to learn to skate and play this great game.”

Chicago Steel 2015-2016 schedule

Schedule taken from the Chicago Steel website

September 2015

Saturday, Sept. 26th Team USA U-17 Chicago 7:00pm
October 2015
Oct. 2rd
Tri-City Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Oct. 3th Tri-City Chicago 7:00pm
Friday,   Oct. 9th Chicago Team USA U-18 7:00pm EST
Saturday, Oct. 10 Chicago Youngstown TBA
Friday,  Oct. 16th Green Bay Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Oct. 16th Chicago Muskegon TBA
Friday,  Oct. 23rd Chicago Madison 7:05pm
Saturday, Oct. 24th Chicago Green Bay 7:05pm
Sunday, Oct. 25th Chicago Madison 4:05pm
Wednesday Oct. 28th Chicago Muskegon TBA
Friday,  Oct. 30th Chicago Team USA-18 TBA
November 2015
Friday, Nov. 6th Muskegon Chicago  7:30pm
Saturday Nov. 7th Chicago Dubuque 7:05pm
Saturday, Nov. 14th Youngstown Chicago  7:00pm
Sunday, Nov. 15th Youngstown Chicago  3:00pm
Friday, Nov. 20th Bloomington Chicago  7:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 21st Madison Chicago  7:00pm
Wednesday, Nov 25th Bloomington Chicago 7:00pm
Friday, Nov. 27th Dubuque Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 28th Chicago Dubuque 6:05pm
December 2015
Friday,  Dec. 4th Chicago Lincoln 7:05pm
Saturday, Dec. 5th Chicago Sioux City 7:05pm
Thursday, Dec. 10th Youngstown Chicago 7:00pm
Friday   Dec. 11th Chicago Cedar Rapids 7:00pm
Saturday, Dec. 12th Green Bay Chicago 7:00pm
Friday,  Dec. 18th Chicago Green Bay 7:05pm
Saturday, Dec. 19th Chicago Bloomington 7:00pm
Tuesday, Dec. 29th Chicago Team USA-18 TBA
Thursday, Dec. 31st Chicago Muskegon TBA
January 2016
Saturday, Jan. 2nd Chicago Youngstown TBA
Sunday, Jan.3rd Chicago Youngstown TBA
Friday,  Jan. 8th Chicago Fargo 7:o5pm
Saturday, Jan. 9th Chicago Fargo 7:05pm
Friday,  Jan. 15th Chicago Madison 7:05pm
Saturday, Jan. 16th Chicago Cedar Rapids 7:00pm
Sunday, Jan 17th Muskegon Chicago 3:00pm
Saturday, Jan 23rd Cedar Rapids Chicago 7:00pm
Friday,   Jan 29th Madison Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Jan. 30th Dubuque Chicago 7:00pm
February 2016
Friday,  Feb. 5th Chicago Sioux City 7:00pm
Saturday, Feb. 6th Chicago Omaha 7:05pm
Friday,   Feb 12th Sioux City Chicago 7:30pm
Friday,  Feb. 19th Chicago Bloomington 7:00pm
Saturday, Feb.20th Chicago Des Moines TBA
Friday,  Feb. 26th Cedar Rapids Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Feb. 27th Chicago Green Bay 7:05pm
March 2016
Friday,   Mar. 11th Team USA U-17 Chicago  7:30pm
Saturday, Mar. 12th Team USA U-17 Chicago 7:00pm
Friday,  Mar. 18th Waterloo Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Mar. 19th Sioux Falls Chicago 7:00pm
Tuesday, Mar. 22nd Chicago Waterloo 7:00pm
Friday,   Mar. 25th Green Bay Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Mar. 26th Lincoln Chicago 7:00pm  
April 2016
Friday,     Apr. 1st Bloomington Chicago  7:30pm
Saturday, Apr. 2nd Des Moines Chicago 7:00pm
Sunday,   Apr. 3rd Omaha Chicago 3:00pm
Friday,     Apr. 8th Muskegon Chicago 7:30pm
Saturday, Apr. 9th Chicago Bloomington 7:00pm
Sunday,   Apr. 10th Madison Chicago 3:00pm

The Chicago Steel have found their new home at Fox Valley!

The Chicago Steel are on the move to their new home in Kane County

The Chicago Steel, Chicagoland’s only Tier 1 Junior (20U) hockey team, are moving to their new home at Fox Valley Ice Arena for the 2015-2016 season. The players, coaches and leadership of the Chicago Steel are excited to bring their talents, energy and passion to the Tri-city communities of Geneva, St. Charles and Batavia, and engaging in the wider Chicagoland and Kane County communities that comprise our loyal and growing fan base.

The Chicago Steel are a member club of the United States Hockey League (“USHL”), the only Tier 1 junior league in the United States and the premier league for development of players, ages 20 and under, for success in college and professional hockey. Our mission is to provide our players with the physical, mental and character skills, on and off the ice, that will form the basis for their success in college and professional hockey and beyond, and to offer an exciting, friendly and positive sports entertainment experience for fans and families.

We look forward to meeting with members of the hockey, business and broader local communities over the coming months as we prepare for our first season at Fox Valley Ice Arena. Please join us for our home opener Saturday night, September 26 at 7 PM when we host the USA Hockey National Team Development Program.

Read more about the Chicago Steel Organization here

Geneva’s own Roy Radke: Chicago Blackhawk

The View from the Ice: Camp finale

Friday, 07.17.2015 / 3:33 PM CT
Written by Roy Radke, with Jack Rossi – Special to / The Blackhawks Blog
Taken off of
(Rudi Ayasse / Chicago Blackhawks)

Today was our last scrimmage, and we played with the ELC group. It took me a little while to get comfortable out there. The pace was faster, and the guys were a little bit bigger and better. But as the game went on, I think I got more comfortable, more used to playing with my linemates, and I thought I did really well today.

Coming into my first prospect camp, I didn’t really know what to expect this week. I just wanted to play my best, and I think I did pretty well. It was more about absorbing the whole experience and taking in as much as I can. My favorite part of camp was probably the on-ice stuff. I loved just being on the ice all the time, and getting to know the guys, how they play and everything. We had a lot of down time over the week, so it was kind of nice to hang out as well.

The coaching staff said I did well out here, so it gives me more confidence for next season, and hopefully I’ll get off to a good start when I get back to my team in Barrie. I don’t know what kind of role I’ll play; that’s up to my coach, but it’s my second year in the OHL, so I should play a bigger role than I did last year. I don’t have any specific goals for next season — I just want to go out there and give it my all.

I’m not planning any big vacations after this. I’ll probably take a couple days off this weekend and then just dive back into it starting Monday. I’m looking forward to just getting back to training and skating with my agent, working out a few times a week, skate a couple times, just do what I’ve been doing all summer.

The fans here in Chicago have been great, I love all of them. Thanks for coming out and watching us at prospect camp!

Click below to watch Roy’s interview after being drafted to the Chicago Blackhawks.“>Roy’s Interview

Finding the Right Pair Partner

Try Pairs, Nearly 45 skaters got a chance

Taken from U.S. figure skating website:

Knowing that skaters often see pairs on TV and think, “huh… I wonder if that is my calling,” the Pairs Committee decided to give them the opportunity to try. During the Midwestern and Eastern Sectional Championships, nearly 45 skaters came together for an hour off the ice and then an hour on ice in order to see what it is like to be a pair skater. “Often times, skaters only see the huge throws and dynamic lifts on TV and think I can’t possibly do that. They never see how it begins and how much fun it can be,” commented Pairs Committee Chair, Troy Goldstein. The off-ice portion included being lifted by some of our top Pair skaters from the past decade, including John Coughlin and Rockne Brubaker in the Midwest, as well as Mark Ladwig, Jeremy Barrett and David Botero in the East, and even lifting with Shantel Jorden. “Just being in the air was exciting for me. It’s something I had never experienced,” commented a Midwest participant.

The two programs were slightly varied to gain some insight on best practices moving forward. In the Midwest, besides lift technique with John and Rockne, the skaters rotated during the off-ice portion experiencing key core strengthening exercises for lift positions led by Alena Lunin and Stefania Berton, as well as partnering, tracking, death spirals, and unison exercises by Deveny Deck and Troy Goldstein. In the East, they worked on flexibility, partnering and core strength. In addition, they held a question and answer session. Scott Cudmore, Wendy Enzmann and Marc Weitzman brought significant pair insight to the skaters on what it means and takes to be a pair skater. “The feeling that you get from having a partner to go on the journey with is just not matched for me in any other discipline or sport,” commented John Coughlin.

On-ice, skaters attempted everything from single throw jumps, side-by-side spins, pair spins and stroking. “I was shocked at the feeling I got tracking another person while stroking, have to say it was pretty powerful feeling,” commented a skater from the East. Mark Ladwig, who was instrumental in developing this program with the Pairs Committee, commented, “just seeing skaters who maybe had never seen a pair in person actually getting to step into the shoes of a pair skater for the first time is special and then to watch them as their eyes light up the first time they got to be lifted and thrown.”

Having the opportunity to try pairs is only the beginning; the Pairs Committee plans to focus on gaining traction within the discipline through programs like these and working

to expand this to several non-quals across the country, a spring/summer pairs camp for teams who have come together and even building out additional programs to drive interest.

At all three sections, pair teams received feedback from some of the top officials in the sport prior to Nationals. “I think this is key to our sport, to better our athletes and have them as prepared as possible,” commented Gale Tanger, ISU Technical Controller, who partnered with David Kirby, a member of the ISU Technical Committee at Midwesterns to deliver the insight.